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Excellent as always

Joyce, 22 Feb 2019

Not had food from here in a while but I'm back. In Kilwinning so I'm looking forward to it

Neil, 22 Feb 2019

Food has always been lovely and so has been the service.

Jennifer, 22 Feb 2019

Very quick delivery, hot delicious food thank you!

Zoe, 21 Feb 2019

Always good

Alec, 21 Feb 2019

Best I’ve had in ages. Great discovery (cheers Chris)

Martin, 19 Feb 2019

Best I’ve had for a long time. Great discovery (cheers Chris)

Martin, 19 Feb 2019

Absolute goal! Phenomenal food.

Colin, 16 Feb 2019

Best takeaway

Tammy, 15 Feb 2019

Best takeaway around

Ryan, 15 Feb 2019

Always good quality meals.

Dale, 14 Feb 2019

For the third time last night food has been missing at delivery. A very nice gesture was made and food was resent but by that thins the first food was cold and people had finished their meals. Despite this food is always very lovely, can’t beat the quality and taste of the food. Better organisation of home delivery’s would improve the service massively. I have rated value for money average, due to not having all the food together, no issues with the taste or quality of food.

Jennifer, 11 Feb 2019

quality as allways

Paul, 10 Feb 2019

fantastic choice. food is always delicious. and arrives in time still hot

Julianne, 10 Feb 2019

We have had deliveries at home and at friends a few times but were so disappointed tonight! Delivery took nearly 2 hours and then it wasn’t complete when delivered! Food is nice but really upset with it tonight!

Lynne, 09 Feb 2019

Good Food

Heather, 09 Feb 2019

I could take a bath in the pakora sauce it's yummy and the bbq based pizzas r so tasty. The spicy onions r the bomb too. X

Courtney, 05 Feb 2019

Decent warm good food dropped can

Declan, 04 Feb 2019

Fresh delicious meal all the time

Ross, 03 Feb 2019

Excellent value for money with the points system. Always great food and great service.

Thomas, 02 Feb 2019

Delivery is freezing and I'm only down the road poir

Declan, 02 Feb 2019

Do we get discount for loyalty?

Heather, 02 Feb 2019

Great service , great food , no complaints whatsoever ,would definitely recommend to order online .

Elizabeth, 02 Feb 2019

Hi , husband just collected order and chips were missing . Can they be refunded or money used against next order. If you could email or call to confirm thank you

Joanne, 02 Feb 2019

Amazing food and amazing value. Definitely recommended

Chris, 01 Feb 2019

Always amazing clean food and very tasty.

David, 26 Jan 2019